Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wonderful Winnie

So far the adjustment for Winnie has been a smooth transition. We love her so much and she is loving us right back with even more hutzpah. Leave it to a Boston to one up everyone.

Things Winnie loves:
- snuggling as close as possible
- snoring really loudly
- lots of healthy raw meat
- walks (her once pristine country paws are now dingy from the city)
- sleeping in her doggie bed by my feet at work
- riding in the car
- fuzzy toys
- tug of war

Things Winnie doesn't love:
- being alone at my desk for even 1 minute
- hip hop music
- rain

Look at that little face:

A rough day at the office, what with all of the naps and constant attention:

We're so grateful to have Winnikins in our life. She is a treasure.


Frankie's Mom said...

i am clearly working in substandard conditions...just looked under my desk... no Winnie WAH!!!!

Anonymous said...

that liiiiiiiiittle faaaaaaaace!

Anonymous said...

ooooooo.mmmmmm.ggggggg. could she be any cuter?! i am so glad that the transition has gone so smoothly. it was truly meant to be :)

i love you and i love winniekins! give her a big snuggle from owen and me. he would be soooo excited to see this new ''dod'' as he likes to say and point when he sees a doggie :)

Lizzy said...

ridiculously cute. Congratulations!

Passion Vomit said...

I wish I could take my old loud cat to work with me - wait - I don't have a job to go to - I'm stuck at home with Big Mouth!