Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wenchy Winnie

I don't know why I haven't posted a new update on Winnie's page. It's not like she isn't the cutest damn thing in the world. Where have I been? Oh, up my ass. I tend to get lost in there every now and then. But do not fear, I'm still completely and unabashedly co-dependent on my Winnie.

I found this picture of Winnie and her boyfriend Kirby (I'd like to note that Kirby is actually my boyfriend, but since humans dating dogs is socially unacceptable we pretend he's Winnie's boyfriend).

Look at Winnie taking over poor Kirby's bed.

Kirby looks like a typical dude thinking, "oh well, better let the bitch have it, or I'll have to hear about it all day long."

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wild eyed Winnie & Frankie

We were sad when Major moved to Colorado (without our permission), but the good news is Boston Terriers tend to multiply. Kinda like gremlins. Only a sweeter. And cuter.

Winnie and I met up with Taryn and her new rescue Frankie.

Look at these well-behaved these little girls (of course there were treats involved):

Piggie Winnie got a little too excited and almost climbed over Frankie to get that treat:

Then they refused to sit for a treat, because why should such cute little faces have to do anything for anyone:

Taryn and I took our pups for a lovely afternoon stroll around Concert Park. We got to catch up while Frankie and Winnie got to pee on almost every blade of grass.

I'm so happy that Taryn and Frankie found each other--look at both of those smiles! This is true love:

Bostons tend to have that affect on people.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Whirlpools of Winnie, Major and a little Hope

Before I share some photos and video clips of Winnie and her buddy, Major, I want to write a tribute to a special Boston named Hope.

The I Love Boston Terriers community on Facebook had to bid tiny Hope farewell (she was only 36 days old). Katrini's amazing Boston had a litter of 9 puppies, and little Hope was the runt of the litter. She found her way into our hearts and all of us fell in love with Hope. I cried, but last night I had a dream that she was running free and she was so happy! All of us could stand to hold a little Hope in our hands and hearts - thanks for teaching us:

Winnie and Major sufficiently wore me out. After Major left, Winnie has been passed out in her bed:
Andrea (Major's mom) posted this picture of a very tired Major:

Here are some pictures and videos from their visit together.

Major loves his tennis ball:
Winnie is too tired to argue:
Tons of blurry moments:
Standing above them looked a lot like a whirlpool:
Some tug of war live action (had to mute the clip because I was laughing so hard): But this my friends, is my favorite, and I could have spent the rest of the day watching Major jump: I love Boston Terriers.