Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Winnie in the Wilderness

We took Winnie out to Hurkey Creek, near Idyllwild, this past weekend. She had a ball getting filthy and running freely around the camp grounds.

During our hike if she got too hot, she would take a break in the shade:

When we stopped at the creek, she pounced into the water and sank her little body into the refreshly cool mud:

And just when we thought she had enough, she went back in to do this:

Man, we love this dog. She is endless entertainment and boundless love.


Passion Vomit said...

Winnie is my role model. She knows how to take care of herself... and she looks great doing it.

Dr Jeannie said...

Just had to come by and check on Winnie Woo! LOL So thrilled to see what fun she had on your hike! Please give her a big hug for us!