Monday, November 14, 2011

Worldly Winnie

This is a story about an amazingly gifted pet photographer named Grace Chon.

A few years ago I met Grace. She turned out to live up to her name and then some. Ever since she handed me her card with a little Boston Terrier face on it, I've been stalking her and her website:

Did you go to the site yet? Do yourself a favor and check it out.

After Sadie and Quincy passed, I lost track of Grace until fate brought us together again while we were freelancing at the same company. Quincy had passed away a week before and I wasn't doing so well. In a daze I passed by one of the art director’s giant computer monitors and stopped short.

“Is that your Boston?” I squealed (I make weird noises when it comes to BTs).

“It’s Rose McGowan’s, I shot for a magazine,” the sweet art director smiled.



We hugged, and Grace got stuck listening to me talk about how much I missed my dogs. Her compassionate heart is beyond words. So loving.

Earlier this year when Peter and I adopted Winnie, I made a promise to have Grace take photos. I refused to miss out on the opportunity again. Turns out Winnie is a wonderful model. But the real kudos goes to Grace Chon and her incredible God-given gift. She captures the very essence of an animal's soul. It’s no wonder her photography graces so many magazines and homes.

A sampling of Miss Winnie Woo, interpreted by Grace Chon...
(there are so many stunning photos it's hard to make selects)

She's like the dog whisperer, only better:

She will go to any length to get the shot:

The experience was wonderful.

If you have a pet you love dearly, contact Grace. She will make sure you have something to hold and cherish forever.

Contact info:

Also, I'd like to note that Grace does a ton of work for rescues. Her photography has saved the lives of many abandoned dogs and cats.

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lindsey montague said...

omg amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

That bottom picture is the best. Great post and Beautiful dog.


Grace said...

You have no idea how much fun I had photographing you guys, especially the little Winmeister. Thank you for a great photoshoot and for such a sweet write up!! xo

my4bckm said...

lovely photos indeed, what a winner is Winnie!

ForeverAmberAngel said...

Wondrous Winnie! Grace is superb :)

Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

Great photos. Bostons are so photogenic and great models :)

Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

Great photos. Bostons are so photogenic and great models :)

Johnny said...

You deserve to LOL @ my Boston Terrier singing a Macy Gray cover of a cover pop song #SAIL