Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wild eyed Winnie & Frankie

We were sad when Major moved to Colorado (without our permission), but the good news is Boston Terriers tend to multiply. Kinda like gremlins. Only a sweeter. And cuter.

Winnie and I met up with Taryn and her new rescue Frankie.

Look at these well-behaved these little girls (of course there were treats involved):

Piggie Winnie got a little too excited and almost climbed over Frankie to get that treat:

Then they refused to sit for a treat, because why should such cute little faces have to do anything for anyone:

Taryn and I took our pups for a lovely afternoon stroll around Concert Park. We got to catch up while Frankie and Winnie got to pee on almost every blade of grass.

I'm so happy that Taryn and Frankie found each other--look at both of those smiles! This is true love:

Bostons tend to have that affect on people.


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